What We Do

What do we do? It comes under the heading of auditing, but really it’s all about loss prevention and profit protection. These are our clients’ main objectives:

  • Minimising risk / loss
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Maximising profitability

Working in the hospitality industry

We understand the issues facing your company. For example, we know that as technology has become more sophisticated, so have the dishonest practices that you may now have to deal with.

The right audit will help you stay one step ahead.

When you’re aware of the potential flaws in a system – and the opportunities to exploit them – you can manage staff issues more easily. You can prevent small financial losses turning into big financial losses.

But suppose your business has already suffered staff issues or financial losses?

We’ll work with you to identify precisely where the problems are, and implement solutions that take immediate effect.

Audits that fit your needs

Find out more about our service offerings and see what works best for your business:

Forensic auditing

Stock auditing

Compliance auditing