What sorts of risks will your company face next?

  • Organisational restructuring?
  • Changes in reporting processes?
  • Implementation of new or updated information systems?

You won’t always know where the next risk to your company will come from. So mrs solutions forensic audits are flexible. They’re designed to respond to changes in your organisation and across the industry.

The flexible audit

mrs solutions will work with you to identify significant risks to your business: operational, financial, compliance or other.

We’ll work with your management team to:

  • Monitor and measure if your existing internal control systems are working well enough.
  • Help achieve your business goals by managing and eliminating risks that threaten efficiency or have a negative impact on financial performance.
  • Suggest specific improvements whenever existing control systems are inadequate or out of date.

It isn’t a one-off. We’ll regularly revisit and reassess your audit to give you real peace of mind.

Information sharing

A big part of our brief is sharing information with nominated contacts (often in the Finance and Audit departments). We provide regular, formal reports on a branch and area basis, with a big focus on poor performing branches.

Ongoing Annual Reviews are conducted with the external auditors. And if timing is tight? We’ll make sure you get full access to your audit the very next day.

Take the first step…

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